107ThePhoenix is back up.

If you’ve been following us on the twitter, you’ll know that we mentioned we’d be down for a bit. We’re back. In case you can’t tune in, we’ve switched servers. So check out the tune in page for the links you need.

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107 the phoenix welcomes back renegaderocker

   oh hell, yeah!     renegade rocker is back here on the phoenix.     every friday from 3 to 7 p.m eastern he takes the air waves by storm and attempts to rip your face off with great music.    we here on the phoenix are glad to have him back with us and invite you to pull up a chair, kick back enjoy the show, then when its done do what renegade would do and bash your mother in the head with it. okay well maybe not, but its a hell of a show and you should check it out.     first show is today friday at 3 p.m eastern.    see ya there.

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just wanted to say happy birthday to the phoenix hell its been five years and though i am really wanting to re-build our station to its former glory, i am so happy that i still have someone who wants to help run this bitch. my thanks to both khomus and our web person sue, for sticking around. and happy five years to this awesome station.    on another note its officially 2012 so buckle up people cause we got shows and music and lots of variety. will keep you posted of things to come.

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first christmas show of the season

hey all,    okay so how this will go for the next week or so is i will be playing both regular and christmas music. then about the 14th i will switch to all christmas like our automation is right now. it will be allot of fun and i still get to roll out the christmas stuff i love. so hope your ready to have fun for  your friday night. it starts at 7 eastern so tell everyone. we hope your enjoying your christmas season here on the phoenix we are having a blast bringing it to you. we will continue to do so all season long. there is still time to get in on the stories drops and seasons greetings and such. just cut a voice clip and send it to management@107thephoenix.com

you can tell a story about a special  christmas for you. or maybe you have one that wasn’t so special, well if that is the case,  we wanna hear about it.

also any seasons greetings you wanna send out to someone, or christmas drops you wanna do just throw them together and send them on over. its just another way for you all to be a part of this awesome thing we do.

thanks all and merry christmas to you all from the staff here at the phoenix.
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1 week away

that’s right everyone we are a week away from flipping our automation to all christmas. you can feel free to send your drops, sweepers, christmas stories, or christmas greetings to management@107thephoenix.com

and we will get you added to our shows and automations rotation. this is one of my favorite times of year, so why not spend christmas with the orriginal, 107 the phoenix. our funny skits, awesome sounds and great music, make us number 1. The sound speaks for its self. no one does what we do as good as we do it.

bottom line.

   so come check out the phoenix and on the 25th at 12 a.m when we flip over, you’ll want to go nowhere else.

  thank you so much for spending your holliday season  with the phoenix.

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getting ready for the hollidays

Well,     we have reached that time of year once again, the time for thanksgiving and Christmas. We here at the phoenix are ready to do what we do best, entertain you will all the best christmas music going from today and yesterday.    Starting november 25th, at 12 a.m we meaning the audio slip stream, will  go all Christmas. now what does this mean for you?    simply put it means you will get to enjoy the hollidays while being entertained by the phoenix Christmas style.    We will have funny skits Christmas music sweepers, stories and id’s and are hoping you will wrap your presents with us.    You can also be a part of the phoenix christmas by sending us your favorite christmas stories. Is there a story you find memorable, well tell it and send it to us, write, management and let us know when you have it and we can get you set up. also you can do short drops for christmas, or sweepers  id’s shout outs, stuff like that. maybe you wanna say hi and merry christmas to someone, well send us that, just the voice track,  we can add stuff you would like or if you have the ability to do that, then have at it, either way make sure you get it to us asap. i will add it in to the slip stream and you will be wishing yours a happy holliday in no time.    we as always thank you in advance for helping us make christmas special. your drops sweepers shout outs and stories will help our automation be the absolute best it can be for you, the listener.    send all drops, id’s, stories, and sweepers  again, to management@107thephoenix.com

    Thanksgiving is right around the courner, so have a happy holliday.
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back on air and ready to rock!

hey to all listeners,      for those who check out the extreme shake down, you’ll notice I have been down more then on air. well major cable problems really put a crimp in my ability to broadcast.    I worked on getting the problem solved, for 3 months after trying to get them to admit there was a problem for about a year.    they finally started listening but they kept jerking me around and not fixing the issue.     Well after months of that, I finally got someone who knew what he was doing and I am happy to announce that I am back. The extreme shake down takes place every Monday and Friday, from 7 to midnight. hope to see you there. we have a ton of features for you including the weekly unvailed, totally covered, classic  vinyl, song survivor, smash it or trash it, and much more.    thanks so much for listening to the station that is the best bar none , 107 the phoenix.    your vocal aggressor

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